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We are Gold, Silver, and Platinum scrap buyers with

 two locations in Arkansas to serve you.

We pay competitive high prices for 10kt - 24kt. Gold, Silver & Platinum, along with US & Foreign coins with silver content.

 When you bring or send your items to us, we will determine the precious metal content and immediately pay you accordingly.

 Towson Gold does not charge fees to evaluate your goods, even if

you just want to know their value and not sell them to us.

 Current Gold & Silver Spot Price

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What We Buy:

We will purchase any item made of gold or silver from which the metal may be reclaimed including, Gold Watches, Rings, Diamonds, Sterling Silver, & Silver coinage.

We can also supply your Gold & Silver Bullion needs with delivery in  24 - 48 hours!


Our Guarantee:

Towson Gold guarantees to always treat our customer

with respect and honesty.

Our reputation is what we have built on, and

we depend on you, the customer, for our repeat business.


All Towson Gold locations use State Certified Scales to weigh your goods.

Our scales are calibrated and monitored by the Arkansas Bureau of Standards

Send it to us:

If you prefer, you may also send items to us for a quick and fair evaluation.

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 Towson Gold Silver & Coin


Store Locations

5324 Towson Ave. Ft. Smith, AR. 72903 (479) 434-5722

5205 Rogers Ave.  Ft. Smith, AR. 72903  (479) 226-3812


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Store Hours :   Mon.-Friday 9:00 am. to 6:00 pm.

                    Saturday 9:00 am. to 4:00 pm.

   Closed on Sundays

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